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Volume : II, Issue : V, September - 2018

Case Report

Intrahepatic gallbladder: Case Report

Sherif Monib, Piyush Mahapatra, Hany Fayez

Abstract :

Intrahepatic gallbladder is one of the numerous ectopic locations of the gallbladder, where the gallbladder lies within the liver parenchyma or has a subcapsular location along the anterior inferior right lobe of the liver. An intrahepatic gallbladder is known to have impaired function leading to formation of gall bladder stones.We are presenting a case of a 57 years old male who was found to have an intrahepatic gall bladder which was not detected preoperatively a retrograde open cholecystectomy was carried out without intraoperative or postoperative complications. Awareness of the presence of ectopic gallbladder sites and their recognition allows proper intra-operative planning.

Keywords :

Gall bladder, Intrahepatic gallbladder, Cholecystectomy.

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INTRAHEPATIC GALLBLADDER: CASE REPORT, Sherif Monib, Piyush Mahapatra, Hany Fayez, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED MEDICINE : Volume-2 | Issue-5 | September-2018

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