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Volume : V, Issue : II, March - 2021

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Non-operative management of splenic trauma

Dr Md Noman, Dr Shri Krishna Ranjan, Dr Samiullah Hasan

Abstract :

Spleen injuries are among the most frequent trauma-related injuries. At present, they are classified according to the anatomy of the injury. The optimal treatment strategy, however, should keep into consideration the hemodynamic status, the anatomic derangement, and the associated injuries. The management of splenic trauma patients aims to restore the homeostasis and the normal physiopathology especially considering the modern tools for bleeding management. Nonoperative management of blunt injury to the spleen in adults has become the standard of care in hemodynamically stable patients. However, the criteria for nonoperative management are controversial. In this study we present the current criteria, the evolution and failure rates of this type of management viewed through the general knowledge and, particularly, our experience.

Keywords :

spleen, blunt trauma, non-operative approach

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NON-OPERATIVE MANAGEMENT OF SPLENIC TRAUMA, Dr Md Noman, Dr Shri Krishna Ranjan, Dr Samiullah Hasan, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED MEDICINE : Volume-5 | Issue-2 | March-2021

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