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Volume : II, Issue : II, March - 2018

Case Report

Paediatric Bell�s Palsy

Linda Lim Pf, Tengku Ezulia Binti Tengku Nun Ahmad, Mohd Zukiflee Bin Abu Bakar

Abstract :

Objective: To report a case of paediatric Bells palsy and associated outcome.Case report: An 12 years old boy with childhood obesity presented with acute onset of right sided facial weakness for 1 day associated with right eye blurred vision. On examination, child had right facial palsy involving the loss of right nasolabial fold and unable to close the right eye completely. Other cranial nerve findings were normal. Child was treated with a course of prednisolone. Facial nerve function recovered fully at 1 month follow up with no further intervention.Conclusion : Bells palsy in paediatric age group patient is relatively rare and regards as diagnosis of exclusion. Recovery was reported well with the treatment of steroid.

Keywords :

Facial nerve palsy, Bell’s palsy, Paediatric Nerve Palsy, Steroid

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PAEDIATRIC BELL�S PALSY, Linda Lim PF, Tengku Ezulia Binti Tengku Nun Ahmad, Mohd Zukiflee Bin Abu Bakar, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED MEDICINE : Volume-2 | Issue-2 | March-2018

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